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Hi, I'm Spencer Powell, CEO of Builder Funnel, the award-winning marketing agency for remodelers. Over the past 11 years we've been helping construction companies generate qualified leads, increase sales revenue, drive website traffic, and gain more freedom in their businesses. And everything we know is now available for YOU.

But if you rewind to 2010, we were starting from zero.

Spencer trying to figure out marketing and sales
Here’s my brother and me (left to right) getting ready to do some cold calling...

Back then, I didn't have a team, an audience, a method. Nothing.

Leads were hard to come by, and let's not even talk about sales. It was all just happening...TOO SLOW!

Have you been here? You spend all your valuable time and money marketing your business only for the results to come up short. Or maybe you've spent $1,000s or $10,000s hiring expensive agencies, freelancers, and marketers only to have your money washed down the drain.

That was me too. But I persisted. I experienced successes and failures along the way. And then. I discovered a unique marketing system.

Everything changed.


We used this marketing system to generate consistent traffic, leads, and sales for dozens of remodelers and builders across the United States and Canada.

And you know what else I discovered in the last 11+ years? Marketing solves all your problems.  

With a solid marketing plan, you can build out a sales pipeline and predict future revenue. It gives you confidence - confidence to hire that next employee, buy new equipment, and invest in your business without fear of the unknown.

Think about it.


What would you do in your business if you could count on qualified leads and sales today, tomorrow, this year, next year, and beyond?

Whatever it is the solution

Luckily, we've already paid the cost for YOU. As we expanded Builder Funnel, we made a lot of mistakes.

  • We spent countless hours creating content that no one ever found and never ranked in Google.
  • We redesigned our website over and over again. Trust me; that's not the answer.
  • We spent $1000s on advertising only to get unqualified leads and spam traffic.
  • We had to learn everything the hard way. Trial and error. 

The thousands of hours, hundreds of pages and blogs, innumerable emails, countless tests, shoddy leads, broken sales funnels, stress, anxiety, fear - we've done it all to get to where we are today - so you don't have to.


Imagine a morning...


You check your inbox. You have new leads. Some already booked time on your calendar. You have to push them out.

Your pipeline is full. You're charging for consultations. Even that doesn't stem the flow of qualified leads. Sales are strong, and the future looks bright.

If you’re like me, this sounds like the business I always wanted. One where I control my schedule, serve my customers, make good money, and am not constantly worrying about the future.


That's where we come in.


Let's be honest with each other. Are you satisfied with your traffic, leads, and sales? Can your prospects find you online? Does your website rank in the search engines? Are you converting traffic into leads and leads into sales? Are you sending emails that easily engage and nurture leads? Is marketing easy? Can in be done in a reasonable amount of time? Do you trust the marketing tactics you're using? 

If you answered NO to any of the above questions or simply think there's room for improvement in your marketing strategy, we created this program just for you - so you..

  • Save, not waste, hard-earned money
  • Consistently get marketing results
  • Don't have to start from zero
  • Can achieve more freedom

This is for YOU.


The only marketing program designed to help contractors, remodelers, and builders drive website traffic, generate qualified leads, increase sales revenue, and gain more freedom in their businesses.


How does it work?


Built on our proven process, the Academy gives you the trainings, templates, community, and expertise you need to get consistent marketing results today, tomorrow, and ten years from now.

Part 1: Proven Process

We show you exactly which marketing tactics to use and the simplest ways to use them to get results. Our process can be followed using any website. We show you how to implement tactics using a FREE marketing software, but you're also welcome to use your own tools to take our system and put it to work.

Part 2: Expert Trainings

All of our trainings focus on different marketing categories that are part of our proven process. These include tactics such as lead generation, website content, blogging, social media, email marketing, and more. Our trainings are simple and easy-to-follow. We've taken complex topics that took us years to perfect and only teach what we know works and can back up with data-backed results and real examples of success!

Part 3: Simple Templates

Don't be fooled by the word "simple". These templates give you the exact copy, settings, graphics, and other elements to implement our marketing strategies. We've thought of everything and give you all the details to do the highest level marketing work 10x faster. Not to mention, you can implement any of our strategies in as little as minutes! Your website can have better SEO today. You can be generating more leads today. You can have social content going out today

Part 4: Vibrant Community

Builder Funnel Academy offers multiple ways to engage with our team of marketing professionals and other marketers and business owners just like you. From our Live Q&A, a fun video Zoom meeting for open discussion, to our community forum, ask any and all questions you may have. We're in this together. We want you to succeed, and we'll be here and engaged - ready to help in any way we can!


We take this seriously.


There's no sugar-coating, BS, or unreliable tactics -You won’t be learning from one of those coaches or “gurus” that teaches from a place of theory and philosophy.  We've used all the marketing strategies we teach, running hundreds of campaigns for over 200 contractors, remodelers, and builders in the past decade.

Digital marketing is always changing. When Google pivots or a new social network takes off, our team will be there to test, measure, and report back to you so that you never fall behind. Plus, we have the unique vantage point of getting to work with residential remodelers, builders, and contractors all over the US and Canada so we know what’s working and what’s not. As a Builder Funnel Academy member, you have access to the collective knowledge and experience of an entire team of 20+ digital marketing experts, and this is literally all we do.

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Here's what you receive as a valued member of Builder Funnel Academy:


Don't take our word for it!
Let our clients speak for us on the effectiveness of our marketing programs!

"We don't have dedicated marketing people in-house but Builder Funnel has become an essential part of our team.  They understand best practices of marketing in our industry and are absolutely driven to create success for us." - Andrew G.
"Builder Funnel delivers on their promise of generating leads. As a small organization, it has been difficult to create a prominent online presence. Builder Funnel's strategies, combined with their attentive service, have made a tremendous impact in bringing new visitors to our website." - Justin H.
"We have seen a marked increase in traffic to our website and new leads since engaging Builder Funnel. Their customer service is always extremely responsive, helpful, accommodating and professional. They are also a pleasure to work with." - Jon G.
"They are on top of their game. Very easy to work with, always available and easy to reach when needed.  If you are looking to increase you digital marketing presence and generate leads, this is the company to do it!" - Danielle T.
"Working with Builder Funnel, Liberty Homes Custom Builders' strategic marketing initiatives continue to propel this Pocono Mountains professional corporation to great heights." - John H.
"They have increased traffic on our website and I would personally recommend them to any business looking to generate more sales." - Jason K.
"They know the ins and outs of social media - and are able to lead us in a direction which results in new leads! I would highly recommend to anyone!" - Vicky M.
"“This is such a revelation process for me going through this, and I've already benefited to the extent of the entire cost of the program last night so this is just awesome value!" Rob C.



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